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A Pictorial story of the  'Mounts'  Fire Station in  Northampton.England

The  following pages contain  a pictorial history of a Fire Station in Northampton.

Before the 'Mounts' Fire Station in Northampton was opened in July 1935,  Dychurch Lane, in the centre of town was the home of of the town Fire Station. As the Northampton Fire Brigade grew and the transition from manual and horse-drawn appliances progressed to to  larger  motor vehicles more space was needed, and as Dychurch Lane was very narrow it became more and more difficult for the fire appliances to 'turn out' to a fire call. It soon became apparent that the town needed a new Fire Station.  It was proposed that this new Fire Station would be built near the centre of town on the 'Mounts' next to the old prison.

When the new Mounts Fire Station was completed and ready for service, it was a majestic building which graces the skyline and caught the eye of passers by, it still does and looks as good today as when it first opened in 1935. The 'Mounts Fire Station was the home of the Northampton Fire Brigade until 1976  when it was amalgamated with the Northamptonshire Fire Brigade. Today the Mounts Fire Station still serves as the Northampton's central and principle Fire Station.

Photographs and extracts are from the 'Northampton Against Fire' collection


                                   Mounts Fire Station circa 1975                                    


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